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Golden Township Master Plan

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CodeRED Alerting Systems:  

Good afternoon,

 Following a thorough evaluation of alerting systems, Mason and Oceana counties have implemented CodeRED, a high-speed emergency mass notification service. Thanks to a donation from the Ludington Pumped Storage Plant, the CodeRED system will serve as the primary emergency public warning system to both citizens and visitors. The system sends telephone calls, text messages, emails and posts to social media channels to inform residents to better protect life and property. CodeRED was selected for its reliability and accuracy, as well as the system’s widespread use throughout west Michigan.

CodeRED’s robust notification system will provide County officials with a reliable, easy-to-use interface to quickly deliver critical information to our citizens and visitors during emergencies. 

CodeRED is provided by OnSolve, LLC, based in Ormond Beach, Florida. OnSolve has provided Mason and Oceana County an initial database of residential and business telephone numbers; however, no one should assume they are automatically in the emergency contact database. 

All residents are encouraged to visit the county’s emergency management web page and click on the CodeRED logo to enroll their contact information including cell phone numbers, text and email addresses.

Oceana County Emergency Management

Public safety officials across the United States have credited CodeRED notifications for successfully locating missing children, apprehending wanted criminals and issuing timely evacuations. In order to test local phone infrastructure and validate database information.


James C. Duram, P.E.M.

Emergency Manager

Oceana County Emergency Management

March 25, 2019 Michigan Department of Treasury Press Release regarding inaccurate assessment information that is circulating on social media:

The Michigan Department of Treasury is reminding Michiganders that a Principal Residence Exemption – known as a PRE – does not expire.

Inaccurate posts being shared on social media are claiming that Michigan taxpayers will experience a surge in property taxes due to their PRE expiring after 25 years. In return, the state Treasury Department and local assessors are experiencing a surge in inquiries from residents who are trying to verify this misinformation or submit unneeded paperwork.  

A PRE exempts a residence from the tax levied by a local school district for school operating purposes up to 18 mills. To qualify for a PRE, a person must be a Michigan resident who owns and occupies the property as a principal residence.

For more information about property taxes, go to



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