WHEREAS, Breakaway Bay LLC has requested approval of a Planned unit Development (PUD) pursuant to the provisions of Chapter XI of the Golden township Zoning Ordinance.


WHEREAS, the Golden township Planning Commission held a public hearing on the application on April 28, 2003 and at its meeting on June 24, 2003, recommended approval, subject to certain conditions, and whereas the Golden Township Board approved the application on September 13th, 2003, subject to certain conditions.


NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved that:


The said PUD is hereby approved on the following described premises and as set forth in the said revised site plan:


            Part of Section 4 of T5N, R18W, Golden Township, Oceana County, Michigan, described as:


Beginning at the SE corner of Lake Michigan Shores, according to the recorded plat thereof, thence N 87 deg 51’ west along the south line of Lake Michigan Shores 3560.2’ to the point of beginning; thence S 31 deg 42’ E 867.4 feet; thence S 64 deg 56’ E 870 feet; thence N 88 deg 35’ E 386 feet; thence S 46 deg 35’ E 377 feet; thence N 90 deg E 192 feet; thence S 00 deg E 692 feet; thence N 90 deg West 760 feet; thence South 00 deg E 100 feet, more or less, to the West 1/16 line 69 feet, more or less, to the east-west quarter line of Section 4;thence North 87 deg 32’ West along the east-west quarter line 1266 feet, more or less, to the centerline of ridge Road; then NE along the centerline of Ridge Road to the South line of Lake Michigan Shores; thence S 87 deg 51’ E along the South line of Lake Michigan Shores to the point of beginning.


The said PUD is hereby approved subject to the following conditions:


  1. 176 campsites plus 4 existing sites housing old trailers at least 2 of which shall be immediately available as temporary lodging accommodations for the traveling public; cabins or RV’s may be added so long as maximum does not exceed 180.


  1. Office/store shall not be larger than 1200 sq.ft: shall be located no closer to Ridge Rd. than current facility, as shown on site plan: signage shall not be located on or visible from Ridge Road. Breakaway Bay will make reasonable efforts not to sell to anyone who is not a guest at the resort. No alcohol to be sold.



  1. Maintenance, bathhouse, swimming pool, dump station approved as shown on site plan.


  1. The buffer area will as members vacate, discontinue use of 10 campsites; 18,20,100,102,103,104,106,108,109 & 110 relocating to other sites not in view of Ridge Rd. Interior of resort shall be blocked from view of Ridge Rd. by berm and/or year round vegetation.



  1. The resort shall be limited, in its operational and physical entirety, to the east side of Ridge Road.


  1. Keyhole to Lake Michigan, omitted.



  1. Breakaway Bay will submit a site plan to the PC for its approval in conformity with these conditions.


  1. Breakaway Bay and the township shall enter into a development agreement including the conditions to this PUD approval: No building permits shall be issued until such agreement is signed.



BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Resolution shall take effect upon adoption thereof by the Golden Township Board,




            The undersigned, being the Golden Township clerk, hereby certifies that the foregoing Resolution was duly adopted by the Golden Township Board on the 12th day of September, 2003





                                                                                                Laurie Kolosci, Clerk

                                                                                                Golden Township