Golden Township Fiscal Year Ordinance

Ordinance No. Three




An Ordinance to establish the fiscal year of the Township of Golden, Oceana County, Michigan and the annual settlement day for such Township pursuant to Michigan Public Act 596 of 1978.


The Township of Golden, Oceana county, Michigan hereby ordains:


Section I

Commencing in 1979, the fiscal year of the Township shall extend form 1 April of each year until 31 March of the following year.  Any preexisting Township budget lawfully adopted by the Township Board shall be proportionately extended to coincide with the foregoing new fiscal year periods.

Section II

The annual settlement day meeting of the Township Board shall hereafter be held on the 15th day of the last month of the fiscal year of the Township unless said day fall s on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday whereupon said  meeting shall be held on the following Monday which is not a legal holiday.

Section III

The annual meeting of the electors of the Township, where the same has not been abolished, shall be held on the last Saturday in the last month of the aforesaid fiscal year at such time and place is determined by the Township Board.




















Effective Date.

This Ordinance shall be effective immediately and all other conflicting ordinances are hereby repealed.        

Passed and approved by the Golden Township Board on Feb.,1979.