Golden Township Val Du Lakes PUD

Ordinance No. Twenty-Two


An Ordinance to amend the Golden Township Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map by establishing the Val Du Lakes/Silver Lake Rec-Plex planned unit development zoning district.


Section 1††† Effect

Amends the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map by establishing the Val Du Lakes Silver Lake Rec-Plex PUD zoning district, and by establishing regulations applicable to the land uses and improvements within the zoning district.A complete copy of the ordinance amendment is maintained in the office of the Golden Township Clerk.


Section 2††† Legal Description of PUD

The PUD comprises approximately 95 acres of land area.The legal description of the PUD is included on the final PUD Site Plan, a copy of which is made part of this ordinance amendment, and which is maintained in the office of the Township Clerk.The legal description provided on the final site plan is as follows:


Section 3††† Permitted Uses

The PUD will include the existing concert, softball, restaurant, managerís residence/office, unimproved parking, and associated support facilities, and the following new land uses and improvements:

a.A 374 site recreational vehicle campground.

b.Transient lodging facilities.

c.A paved parking area for approximately 593 passenger vehicles.

d.Restroom and food service buildings.

e.Roadway improvements.


Section 4††† Effect of Other Zoning Ordinance Provisions

This Ordinance shall not be construed as a substitute for the balance of the Golden Township Zoning Ordinance, nor in any way relieve the Applicant from obtaining all approvals and permits required by the Township, except as otherwise expressly provided within this Ordinance.


Section 5††† Project Phasing

The PUD will be developed in four (4) phases.


Section 6 †† Conditions & Requirements

In addition to this amendment, the conditions and stipulations contained in the Planning Commissionís report dated June 27, 1995 recommending approval of the application for PUD zoning shall apply to the establishment and maintenance of land uses and improvements within the PUD.





Effective Date

This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon the publication thereof.

Passed and approved by the Golden Township Board on Sept., 1995

and published in Oceana Herald - Journal in its issue of Sept., 1995.