Golden Township Amendment to Outdoor Gathering Ordinance

Ordinance No. Twelve


An ordinance to amend Golden Township ordinance No. 8, the Outdoor Gathering Ordinance, to provide for assurances by licensees in the business of conducting outdoor gatherings for full compliance with all of the terms and provisions of ordinance No. 8.

The Township of Golden ordains:


Section 1

Subsection 1. of Section 10 is hereby amended by adding the following at the end of Subsection 1. of Section 10.

For licensees in the business of conducting outdoor assemblies in Golden Township on an ongoing basis, the bond requirement may be met by a letter from the licensee personally guaranteeing full compliance with the Ordinance and the conditions stated on the permit, especially as they relate to cleanup and removal of debris, trash or other waste resulting from the assembly or for damage to public property, and all subsequent permits to the licensee shall be conditioned on and issued only after full compliance with

previous permits, and with the letter mentioned above.



























Effective Date.

This Ordinance shall be effective immediately upon the publication thereof.

Passed and approved by the Golden Township Board on May 1989

and published in Oceana Herald - Journal in its issue of May 1989.